Hub of The World Design

The World Design Hub (wdh) Is a City Promotion Project by The International Association of Designers to Recognize Contributions Made by Cities From Across The World to The Design Field

Is your city a World Design Hub? A World Design Hub (WDH) designation provides countless benefits to your city from enhancing tourism to countless events and activities that will enrich your life. The WDH program initially aims to create a global awa <Cropped>

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Stationery Supply by Gyeong-Gyu Jeon

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon Designs The Coss Stationery Supply

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon, the maker of the highlighted design Stationery Supply:COSS by Gyeong-Gyu Jeon demonstrates, ‘Coss’ will decrease worry of users regarding tools even when it comes to an unexpected works. ‘Coss’ will provide four stationary fu <Cropped>

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