Why Nonscientific Designs Wins Design Awards?

Learn and Reflect Why Nonscientific Designs Could Potentially Win Design Awards in This Brief Article About Judging Design Competitions and Contests

There are many reasons why a design competition judges are likely to select poor designs. Firstly, the jury analyzes the designs much more than prospective customers, in some cases designs that do not look very good could actually be selected because <Cropped>

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24° Studio's Daphne Installation

24° Studio Illustrates The Daphne Installation

24° Studio, the maker of the awarded design Installation:Daphne by 24° Studio demonstrates, Daphne is a site-specific installation situated within the tunneled stairway that interplays with the notion of concealing and revealing the ancient walls o <Cropped>

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Black and White House-Residential House by Agi Architects

Agi Architects Exhibits The Black and White House Residential House

Agi Architects, the designer of the award winning work Black and White House - Residential House by Agi Architects spells out, Located on a main highway in Kuwait, the houses differentiate themselves from their surroundings by their stark façade des <Cropped>

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Communication Design

Confessions On Designing a Successful Communication

Have an excellent product or idea but you are unable to communicate it clearly? Happens to best of us, here are some successful and tried tips on how to get your direct communications responded and prospective leads converted: A) To get it open you <Cropped>

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Award Winning Boletus Coffee Table

Graham Hepburn Discloses The Boletus Coffee Table

Graham Hepburn, the project leader of the award winning design Boletus - Coffee Table by Graham Hepburn says, The Boletus coffee table was conceived as a piece of functional sculpture. The implausibly slender base and expansive top are intended to ap <Cropped>

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Ceramic Happy Desk

Small Ceramic Objects to Put On Office or Home Work Desksarta Ceramica, Mexican Artisan Enterprise, Is Looking For Small Ceramic Objects. Items Should Be Functional For Work Desks and Able to Get a Smile, Even On The Most Stressful Workdays. Timeline

Small ceramic objects to put on office or home work desksArta ceramica, mexican artisan enterprise, is looking for small ceramic objects. items should be functional for work desks and able to get a smile, even on the most stressful workdays. time <Cropped>

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Sunglasses by Mykita

Mykita Presents The Mykita/Damir Doma 1.3 Sunglasses

MYKITA , the lead designer of the awarded design sunglasses by MYKITA illustrates, The progressive use of materials and the aesthetic created by a visible construction forms the basis of the MYKITA / Damir Doma design language. The frame DD1.3 is an <Cropped>

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World Design Hub 2015-dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Has Been Designated as World Design Hub 2015-the First City to Receive The Recognition as a Center of World Design Where Design Events Will Be Held Throughout The Year

Dublin will be hosting more than 30 design events this year to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles. The events will target both the public as well as press members, designers and companies in order to create opportuniti <Cropped>

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Design Adage

The Design Adage Is An Online Platform to Share Your Best Quotes On Design as Well as to Read Great Design Quotes From Designers Worldwide

Design Adage is an open platform, anyone with a good quote on design can contribute by submitting their design quotes after registration. The very best quotes on design are displayed on the Design Adage homepage. Unlike other platforms, you can learn <Cropped>

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Turf Rug Lounger by Masuo Fujimura

Masuo Fujimura Shows The Turf Rug Lounger Lounge Chair

Masuo Fujimura, the author of the highlighted work Lounge chair:Turf Rug Lounger by Masuo Fujimura spells out, The Rug Lounger is a new concept in furniture consisting of a Rug and a Lounger which works in harmony with one another. The round shaped R <Cropped>

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