20 Enlightening Tips to Conquer a Design Award

20 Top Notch Tips, Hacks and Steps to Win The International a-prime Design Award Accolades

It is said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination, and given this perspective a design award is the best places to demonstrate your creativity; participate at a design award and showcase your ability to design innovative technologies, smart products, original services and keen architecture that push mankind to further frontiers. However winning a design award is not easy, since design requires not just intelligence but also the due diligence and wisdom. First of all, to win a design award, you need to participate: you have to be in to win. When compared to other design accolades, A’ Design Award and Competition offers a very unique and different experience during the submissions; the ability to receive jury feedbacks during the submission process. Submission to A’ Design Award and Competition requires prior registration. After registration, you will be able to access a special control panel where you will be able to access further tools for your participation, including submission optimization, design upload, design editing and more. The platform might look complicated at first but if you need any help, you may always contact the support team for requests. For a successful participation to A’ Design Award, you need to undertake several steps. If you are already registered and read the submission guidelines, jump to step 3. First step is Registration, it is fairly simple, and requires a few bits of information. To register to A’ Design Award, visit adesignaward.com and click on Register. At the registration page, fill the registration form by typing in your name and email address and click submit. Once you click submit, you will be pre-registered, to complete registration you should confirm your email by clicking the link send to you. Therefore please remember to check your email inbox to ensure you are receiving communication emails which are very important for feedbacks and award status communications. The second step is to download and follow the submission guidelines. The main purpose of design submission guidelines is to push designers to create perfect presentations. Following the submission guidelines ensures the highest level of quality for each entry and therefore effectively decreases the positive-presentation bias. By following the presentation guidelines, you make sure that your entry is judged for its intrinsic qualities not for its presentation levels. While reading the guidelines are not mandatory, going through the design submission guidelines could be useful to understand the requirements correctly and save time in future.The third step is to upload your project. To upload your projects, simply login to A’ Design Award after registration, and click the Upload Your Design button from your Control Panel. When uploading your projects, please remember that you can edit the projects anytime in future before the final competition deadline; i.e. there is no need to submit the project from start if you wish to make changes, simply go to your Control Panel and click Uploaded Designs, and you will be able to see all the submissions you started.The fourth step is to follow the insights of the submission optimizer. The submission optimizer ensures that your entry is technically valid; it checks your submission thoroughly and provides suggestions, warnings or confirmations for images and text. Any score above 70 is considered okay if there are no warning level indicators. Once your submission has a high score from the optimizer, it will be queued for manual review.The fifth step is to follow the suggestions by the jury. For each submission, the A’ Design Award preliminary jury panel will provide professional opinions regarding the success potential of the project at A’ Design Award and Competition. The jury will also check for category compliance and will suggest the best fitting category. This service is called Preliminary Checks. Both the submission optimizer and preliminary checking services are provided free of charge to all participants.The sixth step is to nominate your entry. Nomination is not free and requires a fee to be paid, A’ Design Award has two policies that help prospective winners at this point: First of all, unlike most design awards, there are not any further fees for winners. Furthermore, through preliminary checks, award participants already have insights regarding the success potential of their works, which effectively reduces their risks. To nominate the works, simply login to your Control Panel and click on Nominate a Design for A’ Award. The seventh step is to follow any further insights or communication. After nomination, you will still be able to make changes to your entry until the final competition deadline (late-entry deadline), and if you do any changes on your project, they will be queued for review; i.e. they will be checked each-time you make changes and you will be able to receive further insights for making a better submission. Furthermore, there are several A-Prime Award initiatives that can help you save both time and money.Portfolio Evaluation service. Use this service to save both time and money; instead of submitting many designs in order to win a single award, you could simply order this service which helps you identify which project to submit to. When you order this service, a professional group checks your website, portfolio or catalogue to determine entries that would be more competitive, you will receive a report regarding which entries to submit, and thus could save money by submitting only the best entries.Submission Optimizer and Preliminary Checks: Make sure that your Submission Optimizer score is higher than 70+ and your Preliminary Check score is higher than 5. In some occasions, you might be stuck and not able to improve your design submission score, in this case you might also wish to order Professional Preliminary Evaluation and Judging Service (PPEJS) to Get in-depth feedbacks and insights regarding your submission.Visualization, Hardcopy Submission and Photography Services: These services are highly optional and could be ordered if you are not able to present your design well. For all realized works however, A’ Design Award and competition suggest participants to work with professional photographers and creative agencies to prepare stunning visuals, illustrations and photos for presentations for award consideration.Campaigns and Nomination Packages: If you are going to submit multiple entries, you can save a lot of money by buying nomination packages instead. The discounted award nomination packages contain waiver tickets for multiple entries, and can be ordered in advance. Likewise, you might also wish to check the campaigns page at A’ Design Awards where you could find discounted entry periods.Save time and money by joining early: The right time to submit your works to A’ Design Award and Competition is now; it is best to register as early as possible to profit from the early-bird or the earliest-bird discounts. Furthermore, by submitting early, you also have time to make changes suggested by the preliminary jury members and thus could increase your score in the competition. If it is already the late period, you have the advantage of waiting less time.Express Judging Service can be ordered for entries submitted in the Early Entry Period. While the cost of the service could be considered high, the amount of PR and publicity push as equivalent advertisement value far exceeds its costs. From this perspective, you could consider A’ Design Award as very cost-effective advertising opportunity to push your new products, projects and service designs. FAQ Pages and Website: Save time by going through the frequently asked questions regarding design awards, hundreds of questions have already been answered. You may find restrictions, eligibility criteria details, further tips, category suggestions and awarding methodology and all other information at the adesignawards website at adesignaward.com. Once again be reminded that A’ Design Award and Competition has prepared a 40+ page submission guideline booklet in order to help award participants make perfect entries. Submission guidelines are available as a free download, accessible from the A’ Design Award and Competition’s Control Panel, after login. Combined with the preliminary checks and the submission optimizer, following the guidelines could take you a step closer to victory.For companies, a good tip is to let the creative agencies, advertising or pr agents to do and manage the award submission process; delegating the submission to professionals ensures a high quality of presentation. However during registration, PR Agents, creative and advertising agencies should remember to create new accounts for each represented party. Finally, it should be noted that it is a common practice to submit multiple designs. Most designers do use the preliminary checking system to their advantage by uploading dozens of designs and nominating the designs that have received the highest scores from the preliminary jury, thus effectively reducing their risks and increasing success rates. Exerpt:It is said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination, and given this perspective a design award is the best places to demonstrate your creativity; participate at a design award and showcase your ability to design innovative technologies, smart products, original services and keen architecture that push mankind to further frontiers. However winning a design award is not easy, since design requires not just intelligence but also the due diligence and wisdom. First of all,..

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